Joe and Mika and Willie are off to the undefined on Saturday nite....and like "kids" keep talking about how "hung over" they will be come Sunday morning when at 8 am they will be reporting on the Saturday nite event. Its all a little adolescent....and particularly so when the subject on hand was MOTHERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING (MADD) . The organization is desperate to keep the message "out there".....because in addition to the drinking we now must focus on drivers who drive and talk on their cell phones and even send txt messages. The message, the subject is so important that to have the hosts carrying on like frat boys ...talking about how much alcohol they will be consuming etc. is totally out of place.....how can they be telling kids to whom they maybe idols not to drink etc. when they are bragging about how much liquor they will consume. It just doesn't make sense.
Sorry folks you just didn't think it out....and NO you do not come across as HIP or "WITH-IT".

Enjoy the weekend.

Be well....do good work....keep in touch....