With all the "ROMNEY-LIES" out there I want to share this information with you...

Nate Silver: In Polls, Romney's Momentum Seems to Have Stopped

Nate Silver: Uncertainty Clouds Polling but Obama Remains Electoral College Favorite

Nate Silver: Ohio Has 50-50 Chance of Deciding Election

Nate Silver: It is misinformed to refer to Ohio as a toss-up. Mr. Obama is the favorite there, and because of Ohio's central position in the Electoral College, he is therefore the overall favorite in the election.
Blumenthal: Presidential Polls Counter Romney Surge Myth
- Obama continued to hold leads of 2 to 3 percentage points in Ohio, Iowa, Nevada and Wisconsin, four states that currently combine with the states where Obama leads by larger margins to create a 277 electoral vote majority, seven more than the 270 needed to win.

- Romney continues to lead in North Carolina and retain a narrow edge in Florida, states that would net him 233 electoral votes along with other states where Romney leads by larger margins. Those totals leave 26 electoral votes up for grabs in New Hampshire, Colorado and Virginia, states where the tracking model shows Obama leading by very narrow margins of 2 percentage points or less.

Michael McDonald: Early Voting Mesmerizing

- I conclude Obama has narrow leads in Iowa and Nevada, Romney has a narrow lead in North Carolina, and in the remainder the early vote is not providing a clear direction yet. There is still ample time for conditions to change, but it will be increasingly difficult to do so as more votes pour in.

Florida and Ohio: The vote suppression dog that didn't bark?
There are instructive patterns other than the horse race. The patterns of early voting in Florida and Ohio suggest that Obama supporters are successfully overcoming limitations in early voting enacted by those states' Republican governments.

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