Apologies my friends...I haven't  "spoken to you" in a few days. Where does the time go to?

So we have had our share of Sarah Palin....the "Jessica Simpson" of the political world. Do not be not be taken in . She is " lethal  ..deadly".

Sarah Palin appeals to the most dangerous elements of the extreme right wing of the Republican Party. The members of the Tea Party adore her.

Lady Palin with her perky, bouncey personality and her gift for rousing the populace has the same ingredient found in the DNA of leaders who have reaked havoc on the world. It is a dangerous mix. She is hardly an innocent. BEWARE-OF-SARAH-PALIN and her followers! 

And to think that if John McCain had become our President Palin would have been within a heart-beat of claiming that office. 

Be assured she will be around for a long time. Pretty frightening if you ask me.

Be good work....keep in touch....