Tragedy in Tuscon is Tragedy in America

We are told by politicos, columnists, assorted opinion makers, bloggers and of course Sarah Palin that the hateful and hate-filled rhetoric of speeches made during the lead up to and including campaign time did not have any influence on the thinking and actions of Jared L. Loughner and the ghastly events that took and destroyed the lives of so many innocent law abiding citizens of Tucson Arizona. I totally disagree with that premise. On the contrary it feeds into the very sickness of mind that produced this tragedy. Using Palin as an example... there isn't ONE speech that doesn't contain one OVER-THE-TOP comment that feeds into the mindset of the sickest and most extreme members of her audience. The speech is planned that way so as to stir up the audience and get her a headline and a spot on the evening news. That simply is the way it is. It is an old showbiz trick....and now you see how effective it is....unfortunately. Did Palin want it to end this way?... I would hope the answer would be NO....but unfortunately it can... and it does. It is therefore the responsibility of the speaker to be sure that the content delivers only the message intended. 


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