Will we ever know the "real" WILLARD ROMNEY?

The mean, cold, aggressive overbearing Romney of the 2nd debate is probably as close to the "real" Romney as he will allow us to see. The man that shows up at interviews and rallies is the one he would like you to believe he is... polished, groomed gracious, concerned and caring. The truth is that that is his "cover".


He is NOT what he wants you to believe. BE AWARE... HE IS BAD NEWS. Remember also that if he is elected you will get Paul Ryan as a "gift-with-purchase". Mark Leibovich in today's NY Times... Oct. 21... asks... As the Republicans make a play for the center, what's Paul Ryan supposed to do? I ask the question... if heaven forbid... Romney were to become President and were he to die in office... is Paul Ryan really ready to assume the office of President of the United States? I think not.



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